Mice and Rats Can Invade Your Home in Lindale & Whitehouse, TX

Mice and Rats Can Invade Your Home in Lindale & Whitehouse, TX

Betts Trapping will set indoor and outdoor traps for your rodent control

In addition to burrowing and digging through your gardens, rodents like mice and rats often make their way inside your home. Stop them from invading by setting up rat and mice control from Betts Trapping in Lindale & Whitehouse, Texas. We'll come out to your home to trap and remove the rodents safely and efficiently.

Do you have rodents scurrying around your property? Call Betts Trapping today to schedule rat and mice control.

What types of rodents will we remove?

Our rodent control goes beyond basic rat and mice control. We'll take care of rodents of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Squirrels that may be causing roofing damage
  • Moles that may be tearing up your yard
  • Racoons that may spread disease 
  • Opossums that may nest in your yard 
  • Skunks that may forage on your property 
  • Beavers that can harm the trees in your area 
  • Armadillos that can burrow into your yard 


No matter what kind of rodents you have infesting your property, we'll trap and remove them for you. Make a rodent control appointment in Lindale & Whitehouse, Texas today by calling 713-299-2857.