Stop Gophers From Damaging Your Landscape

Stop Gophers From Damaging Your Landscape

Depend on Betts Trapping inLindale & Whitehouse, TX for your gopher removal

Gophers can burrow, build mounds and cause significant problems throughout your property. When you schedule gopher control from Betts Trapping, we'll come out to your property in Lindale & Whitehouse, Texas and remove all the gophers from your property. You won't have to worry about additional property damage once we've finished our work.

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How do we do it?

To remove gophers from your property, we have to trap them first. When you call Betts Trapping for gopher removal services, we'll come to your property to:

  • Set up traps in strategic locations
  • Bury the traps throughout your property
  • Set up a stake to mark the traps for safety
  • Return throughout the week to check for catches
  • Remove the trapped gophers from your property

Schedule your gopher removal in Lindale, Texas by calling 713-299-2857 today.